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                          Creative Curriculum

 The Preschool Childcare Center follows the Creative Curriculum, which allows children to explore, learn and create while also receiving individual attention from our staff based on each child's needs.  Reading, music and developmentally ready play will occur on a daily basis.

What is Creative Curriculum?

  Creative Curriculum is an approach to teaching young children by being creative, using spontaneity, and the ability to see and use everyday opportunities to help children solve problems, explore new materials and find answers to questions.

  The Creative Curriculum focuses on the interest areas.  These interest areas or "Learning Centers" are designed to support children's development.  The Learning Centers are areas within the class rooms with an assortment of activities and materials.  These materials are related by subject, purpose or projected skills.  These materials and activities are used independently by the children, or with the teacher's guidance to help reinforce and enrich the child's skills.

The Importance of Learning Centers:


  *  To encourage discovery and exploration, children learn by doing.

  *  To provide multiple techniques and methods to meet different learning styles.

  *  To provide positive reinforcement.

  *  To develop a sense of responsibility in the children.

  *  To structure children's interaction, they are encouraged to verbalize and develop social relationships.  Including sharing.

  *  To allow children to make decisions.  Children choose an activity that meets their personal needs and goals.


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The Preschool Childcare Center has an open door policy and encourages all parents to visit and partake in the centers activities.    

We welcome parents to visit at anytime, unless a court order is in place denying visitation.